Dental Implants in Croydon

Our surgery has been doing dental implants for years, and we"ve an abundance of experience. We have the newest oral technology to help us perform the most effective, appropriate and pain free experience for our patients possible.

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Types of implant:

Full Implants

This technique has completely evolved our ability to change a full mouth of teeth, and we now able to install fixed teeth the same day that the implants are placed. This is a huge advantage to patients, and significantly reduces the time of the procedure, and minimises pain and stress in comparison to alternative methods. 

We begin by planning out the procedure, and start with a scan to review the patient and discover the best location to install 4 dental implants. The speed of the operation has also improved greatly, and patients with very few or no teeth can leave with a complete mouth implant or temporary bridge on the same day. The short-term bridge is then substituted with a long term one after 3-4 months.

Multiple Tooth Implants

Multiple teeth implants are used for patients with several missing teeth absent, which can cause significant issues such as not being able to chew food properly. This may cause real stress in day-today life. Exchanging these with implants can remove any anxiousness around a moving denture. We are often in a position to implant a bridge attached to the implants if the absent teeth are around the same area, as the image below demonstrates.

Single Tooth Implants

When a single tooth is absent, an implant is often the best answer. Implants are usually better and longer lasting that other options, and do not have issues live moving or influencing speech like dentures often have. Additionally, the bone round the implant becomes reinforced by the implant, protecting against further resorption and teeth on each side don"t have any additional loading that may cause issues in the future.

Dental Implants Croydon